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Hey everyone today I’m going to talk about Abs. The abdominals are incredibly important for maintaining core strength, back strength and leg strength. If every part of your body is strong but your abs are weak, it’s like building a house with the roof on the basement. The abs are the foundation, the place where everything ties together. Here is a great ab workout move from Men’s Fitness, check it out:



Hey guys- I just wanted to share this great article with you about aging, weight gain and cell energy. As you may already guessed, they are all connected. Let’s start off with aging. To simplify it as much as possible, experts believe that aging causes a slow down of cellular activity in the cell, which in turn creates lower energy levels.
And what does lower energy lead to? Less activity, less exercise and…you guessed it: weight gain. If we can improve energy production in the cell, we are more able to fight off the effects of aging. This article cites how taking carnitine may help by converting fatty acids into fuel. It’s utilized by many of our muscles and many of our organs, including the kidneys, liver and heart. I found this very interesting, considering the rapid progress I’ve had with my trainees who are taking the GlycoCarn challenge. Check out the article here for more details:

Hey everybody I Just saw this Check it out Even These guys know what’s up