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Hey everyone today I’m going to talk about Abs. The abdominals are incredibly important for maintaining core strength, back strength and leg strength. If every part of your body is strong but your abs are weak, it’s like building a house with the roof on the basement. The abs are the foundation, the place where everything ties together. Here is a great ab workout move from Men’s Fitness, check it out:



Hey everybody I Just saw this Check it out Even These guys know what’s up

With the GlycChallenge underway for our first three contestants, I am excited to take some time out to introduce you to the final two GlycoChallenge Participants. Today, we are going to talk a little bit about their fitness goals, lifestyles and what they hope to achieve with the GlycChallenge.

Natalie Trapani is twenty-one years old and her fitness goal is pretty intense: to tone down and be in the best shape of her life. She also wants to have more energy throughout the day. Her diet is healthy and protein rich; consisting of plenty of fruit and vegetables, daily servings of protein in the form of yogurt or eggs, a substitution of wheat for white and lean meats such as fish or chicken. She believes that this healthy diet, exercise and Glycocarn will bring forth her goals in no time!

Coryn Martin is a twenty-four year old aspiring competitor. Her fitness goals include gaining self-esteem, building muscle & definition and reducing body fat. She also plans to  compete in numerous competitions. Her current diet is six meals a day, consisting of 60% protein, 20% carbs and 20% fat. She’s amped up for her first show, the NPC Long Island Bikini Championship and New York Bikini America.

I can just tell from the enthusiasm and ambitions of these ladies that if they work hard, they are going to achieve some great results. Please stay tuned to my blog as we follow our participants in their journey to becoming fitter and healthier.

After a number of responses from several people interested in taking on the GlycoChallenge, the official list of participants is just about ready.  I would like to take this time to introduce the first three participants for the GlycoChallenge and talk a little bit about their background, fitness goals and expectations regarding the GlycoChallenge.

Our first participant will be Frank Russo, a forty-two years old, in good shape and stays active playing sports such as baseball.  Frank, who is looking to reach the next level of fitness and get into the best shape of his life, hopes to break past his training plateau and improve minor areas such as his stubborn love handles.

Our next participant for the GlycoChallenge is Jordan Michiel, a 26-year-old competitive natural bodybuilder looking to prepare for his second event this coming October.  Jordan, who wishes to eliminate his trouble areas for his competition in October, expects improvements in muscle size, pump and recovery, as well as lactic acid buildup.  In his first competition as a natural bodybuilder, Jordan placed an admirable second, but hopes to “crush the competition” in October and claim the first place position.

Mary Hauser is a 43-year-old mother of three daughters who is looking to get back into shape for both herself and her children.  Mary enjoys walking as a cardiovascular activity and looks forward to realizing improvements in her overall health and wellbeing through the GlycoChallenge.

Remember, I am looking for five participants to take on the GlycoChallenge, so there are still two spots available.  Feel free to respond to any one of my GlycoChallenge blog posts to become a part of this unforgettable experience.