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Hey everyone today I’m going to talk about Abs. The abdominals are incredibly important for maintaining core strength, back strength and leg strength. If every part of your body is strong but your abs are weak, it’s like building a house with the roof on the basement. The abs are the foundation, the place where everything ties together. Here is a great ab workout move from Men’s Fitness, check it out:



Hey guys- I just wanted to share this great article with you about aging, weight gain and cell energy. As you may already guessed, they are all connected. Let’s start off with aging. To simplify it as much as possible, experts believe that aging causes a slow down of cellular activity in the cell, which in turn creates lower energy levels.
And what does lower energy lead to? Less activity, less exercise and…you guessed it: weight gain. If we can improve energy production in the cell, we are more able to fight off the effects of aging. This article cites how taking carnitine may help by converting fatty acids into fuel. It’s utilized by many of our muscles and many of our organs, including the kidneys, liver and heart. I found this very interesting, considering the rapid progress I’ve had with my trainees who are taking the GlycoCarn challenge. Check out the article here for more details:

Hey everybody I Just saw this Check it out Even These guys know what’s up

Come Support JORDAN at FITNESS NEW YORK October 30, 2010 in Brooklyn, NY where you can see competitors from all over strive to place in categories of MASTERS BODYBUILDING, OPEN HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION, MS. BIKINI & FIGURE, and FIGURE FITNESS NOVICE. As Jordan arrives closer and closer to his big day, he has been training hard, gaining plenty of muscle. He will be a strong competitor  in the OPEN HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION TITLE, and I am confident he will finish on top.

Hey guys, I’m pumped to give you the first update on the GlycoChallenge participants. First off, I want to say that everything is going really great and the results that I’m seeing are fantastic. You may already know that I’ve been a trainer for many years and have whipped tons of people into shape. With this in mind, I have to say that I can definitely see the difference between someone who is training with GlycoCarn and someone who isn’t. Let’s check out how the participants are doing…
Remember Mary, the 42 year old mother of three? Well she’s doing excellent, she’s three weeks into this training and she’s really brought some serious motivation and dedication to the table. When we first started, Mary was having trouble with crunches—she could get to around 10 but any more than that was very difficult. After three weeks of training, a healthy diet and GlycoCarn, her energy and endurance in her workouts have improved dramatically. Her weights are going up and her crunches have gone from 10 total to four sets of 25. Her energy and endurance with the workouts has improved dramatically; she’s able to sustain the entire workout now and really bring it. I look forward to continuing this level of progress with her.

Jordan, the 26 year old competitive natural body builder, has seen an increase of size in muscle mass. Because he’s training hard, and is four weeks from a competition, Jordan’s on a really strict diet right now. This diet typically causes loss of muscle mass. I’m happy to say that Jordan is an exception: while he’s been using GlycoCarn, this has NOT been the case. In fact, Jordan has been gaining muscle and getting great pumps, and his strength level is maintaining. This is a fantastic accomplishment and I’m really looking forward to see how he places.

When we started with Natalie, her work-out routine wasn’t consistent, but her goal to be in the best shape of her life was her driving force. She’s tightening up with much better endurance and more intensity in her workouts, which is a result of gaining lean muscle mass and losing body fat. It’s only been a small amount of time, and I believe that her dramatic increase in these areas is because she’s using GlycoCarn. She’s really going hard for results, sticking with her diet and the GlycoCarn program, and I’m amped to see the results at the end of this training.

Frank was our 42- year old male executive whose getting back into shape using GlycoCarn, exercise and a healthy diet. I’m already seeing great improvement in Frank’s strength and endurance, but most notable is the increase in pump and mass in his arms and back – in just three weeks. The strength he’s gained is, in my opinion, a direct result of using GlycoCarn. He wants to start to focus on his abs and love handles so I’m going to change my training routines with him so he can accomplish his goals.

Coryn is our 24 year old aspiring competitive body builder, whose progress is promising for a successful future in competitions. We are currently working on bringing up her shoulders and arms. The upper body strength is the real focus now for her training, as we need to get it in sync with her lower body. I’ve noticed this has been easier for Coryn than with other client’s I’ve had in the past, and my feeling is that it’s due to the GlycoCarn. Coryn’s dedication and total focus is definitely a factor in her progress, and I know she will achieve in her first competition.

So, I’m excited about the acceleration on gain, the amount of pump, and the endurance that all of these participants have experienced in such a short time. Even though I knew they would experience better results than normal due to taking GlycoCarn, I had no idea progress would happen so rapidly. Instead of taking months for these results to come through, it’s taken weeks.  I can definitely imagine what’s in store for everyone if they stay dedicated and continue with this program. Their future health and results are looking pretty awesome. Stay on board with us and check back to see all the amazing progress!