The Holiday Grind: How to stay in shape when everyone is bent on making you fat. Part II

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized


So here’s the deal: if you don’t want to be hating yourself on January 1, 2011 this year you’re going to have to stick to some ground rules. First is: PLAN OUR YOUR WORKOUTS. We all know we are going to indulge a little, and that’s fine, but if you plan out your workouts to coincide with your cheat days, then you’ll be much better off.
Planning your workouts:
I don’t think the holidays should really alter your body building/ getting into shape plans, but I’m also not an idiot. I know you guys are all going on vacation, having big parties and doing alls sorts of extra stuff this season. So here’s my  big fitness tips for the holidays:

1.)  If you know a particular week is going to be tough for you to get to all your workouts, then cut one gym day out. Here’s the thing: It’s all mental. If you plan on working out 4-5 days, and you miss one, chances are you’re going to start missing more. 1 becomes 2, then 3 then the next thing you know, you’re waking up in January with a beer gut and regret. So change your commitment, and then stick to it. But don’t change it for more than a week or two. If you say your going to show up at the gym for 2-3 days instead of 4-5, then do it.

2.) When you get there, give it all you’ve got. Make your workout work for you. Don’t hold back! This is your time, make it count.

3.) Read my post about Motivation, Education and Support. Do some of the action steps. They’ll help!

4.) Get your people involved. Is your family overweight? What about your spouse? The more people you have on your side in your goals, the better.  Offer to bring something to Christmas/Seder. Yeah, I know you are all used to having Mom and Grandma doing all the work but man up and be the example! Get your wife to go on morning walks with you- I don’t care about how cold it is, get out there!

5.) Stick with your supports: Especially glycocarn.



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