Motivation, Education and Support: 3 steps to help keep you in shape.

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here’s some action steps you can take to keep your workout & body building routine on track.

1.) Write down your 3 major fitness goals and keep them in your wallet. When you don’t want to hit the gym, when you’re reaching for a slice of cake, when you’re just feeling unmotivated, pull out your list. It make look something like this:

a.) Have hard rock abs by March
B.) Lower my cholesterol with my nutrition choices
c.) Bench 300 by 2011

2.) Put a picture of yourself on the fridge at your worst fitness time, and your best fitness time. Look at them when you’re reaching for food at midnight. And you shouldn’t be reaching for ice cream, because you shouldn’t have that crap in the house.

3.) Have someone you report to: Whether that’s your trainer, your best friend or your spouse. Let them be your cheerleader. Declaring when you’ll be at the gym will help you stand by your word. Don’t get me wrong, you have to know how to keep promises to yourself, but if you’re having trouble get someone else to have your back. It helps during the holidays.

And check this blog out on motivation for more tips:


1.) Read, read, read!  Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Runners World, Muscle and Fitness, whatever. Stay abreast of what’s up and what’s going on in your field of interest. Blogs are great sources of information when you’re short on time.
2.) Get a check-up, make sure your body is in the best shape it can be. Lots of people skip this, but it’s important to know. Better to go before you get sick, this way you can be preventative!
3.) Get a consultation with a trainer, at least (some gyms offer this for free for new members). If you can actually hire a personal trainer, that’s great. But it’s important to have guidelines on what you should be doing in the gym—different people have different trouble areas that need to get targeted.
4.) Make sure your doing what’s right for your nutritional needs.  There’s a general idea out there about what’s good for body builders (high protein, low fat, no sugar) but really, everyone is different.  For example, women might need to take supplements that men don’t necessarily need, etc.

And check out this blog for the best way to find a trainer:

1.) If you have trouble being motivated on your own, get your friends and family on board. Make sure your spouse/partner knows not to buy Oreos and eat them in front of you. Get your kids to play basketball with you instead of watch T.V. Modify your family’s eating habits. Like I said in my holiday post, man up and be the example!
2.) Join a team. If you’re a body builder, work out with people in your community. If you prefer to fly solo (a lot of us do), keep a log of your progress (i.e., today I benched 5 lbs more than usual, etc.)
If you aren’t a body builder, join a team to keep in shape- volleyball in winter, baseball in summer, whatever, just get out there.
3.) Get the right supplement for your needs. And of course, I suggest one with Glycocarn in it. Like I’ve said, Glycocarn really does amp up my energy, pump and overall fitness level.


  1. Nick says:

    Yo Tommy Nick here. I can’t tell you how much getting a trainer has helped me. Trainers are super amazing because there are things we don’t even think about…like how our back is connected to our legs through our buttocks and how if we aren’t strengthened and limber in certain area, that can actually lead to back pain! I invested in my trainer because I know that in the long run I won’t be spending money on doctors. Thanks for the inspiration Tommy!

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