Psych yourself up for the gym

Posted: December 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hey guys I just saw this article on psyching yourself up at the gym over here at Men’s Fitness.
We’ve talked a lot about motivation, and I believe it’s one of the most important tools one can have on the road to wellness. In fact, there are 3 really important things you need to be on track for reaching your goals: Motivation, Education and Support.
Motivation is the drive to get up in the morning, to get your ass to the gym before work or after or during your lunch, to just DO WHAT IT TAKES to get your butt in shape. It includes your attitude, your willingness to show up for yourself and your ability to confront your own worst enemy: yourself. Motivation and commitment to your own health are key.
Education is knowing what works for you: from what to eat to how to work out properly. You can source your education from a trainer, books or your physician (or all three). Education is also being willing to try new things, take suggestions from experts and know when something isn’t working for you.
The third, Support, is really important. Support can come in the form of encouragement from your loved ones, being on a team, and choosing the right supplement. I have two big supports: the first one is (believe it or not) my clients. My clients come in and work their butts off, and what kind of a trainer would I be if I didn’t practice what I preach? Being a role for my clients really helps me stay on track. The other big support I have is Glycocarn. The results I’ve gotten from Glycocarn are amazing, and it really supports all the hard work I’m already doing.
So, here are some tips from Men’s Fitness on how to stay psyched for the gym. Enjoy!

  1. Mikey says:

    Do you have any recommendations on supplements in addition to Glycocarn? I’m JUST starting to body build…I spent most of my life overweight and now I’m turning my life around!

  2. Susan says:

    I’m a trainer too and I totally hear you. Being a role model is what drives me, otherwise I would be a hypocrite!

  3. Lisa says:

    You look like you support a lot of people 😉 Keep up the good work Tommy

  4. Nick says:

    Yo Tommy. I have a question, I just got this new trainer who doesn’t believe in supplements. What do you think about that? Clearly you use them!

    • tommyalston says:

      Nick, why doesn’t he believe in supplements? It’s true that many people rely too much on supplements. Supplements are not a substitute for a well balanced diet, at all! However, there are things that supplements can do that food CAN’T. Like glycocarn, which can really help burn off calories and help your pump.
      If you have any health concerns, your doctor is the person you should talk to!

  5. Eddy says:

    So I’m a recovering alcoholic and am wondering if Glycocarn has any sugar in it. I try to stay away from sugar because I have an addictive personality and tend to get addicted to sweets. Thanks for all the great tips.- Eddy

  6. Brandon says:

    Do you have any other tips in terms of motivation? sometimes I just don’t want to go to the gym, no matter how hard I try!

    • tommyalston says:

      Brandon, stay tuned for the next few blogs. I’ve got some great advice coming up! Until then, just know that you are worth getting to the gym. Your body is important and so are you!

  7. Coryn says:

    Im motivated and focused for April 16th 2011..even though I am my own worst enemy and beat myself up way too much..You have definitely educated me with my diet and training….Thanks for everything!..

    GlycoCarn is great and has helped alot with my training..

  8. Joanne says:

    You do a wonderful job with educating and informing, but when it comes to support i don’t feel I have any at all. I have nobody that depends on me to stay in shape, and because I don’t have to motivate anybody else when it comes to fitness, the only person I depend on is myself. Do you have any tips on self-motivation??

  9. tommyalston says:


    Health, as basic as it is, is all of our primary motivation. We have dreams and goals, and we certainly would not want our health to prevent us from achieving them. If health becomes your concern, it can steer you away from certain illnesses that come from eating unhealthily, lack of energy, or lack of exercise. On top of this, I know there are people in this world that love you, let those relationships also stand as motivation to be there for them in any given moment, and to be at your 100%. Sometimes health is something we all do not know how to appreciate until things go wrong. I encourage you as well as all of my followers to not be one of those people, for life is a beautiful thing. Allow every part of you to be at its greatest potential, and enjoy life the best way we physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually can. Good luck Joanne, I Believe in you!

  10. Linsey says:

    Hi Tommy-
    Is there a special supplement for women that you recommend?

  11. Scotty says:

    Tommy do you have any book recommendations on body building? Thanks-Scotty

  12. Lydia says:

    How does one know if their supplement is working?

    • tommyalston says:

      From what I have experienced with my supplements (and I only speak for Glycocarn products because that is what I find to be the best), I know that a Glycocarn product is working because I can feel my energy level go up, my muscle pump is stronger and my recovery time from working out is faster. One way to track this is by writing down how you feel for a week and your results during your workout regime (ie, today I felt sluggish and have not lost weight, felt tired after work out), and then take a glycocarn supplement for a month and continue to document. You should see the difference! Hope this helps, good luck!

  13. Lydia says:

    Tommy, I’m a vegan and I want to know the best diet for me to use for body building. Not crazy body building, I’m not going to compete or anything, but I definitely want to be strong.

  14. Shanquella says:

    Hey what’s up this is Shaquella. Love your blog! You’re very cute 😉

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