1. Fred says:

    OMG – Meg is hot! What is her deal?

  2. tommyalston says:

    Meg is a great person. She has been involved in the fitness industry for many years and is currently playing in the Women’s Lingerie Football League for the Miami team. Check out her website at

  3. lisa says:

    What is the deal with this? Why is GlycoCarn so great?

  4. tommyalston says:

    GlycoCarn is Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine Hydrochloride (GPLC as some refer). It is a USP approved nutraceutical dietary ingredient. It is a production patented ingredient (USA Patent #6703042 and Worldwide Patent # EP1202956) that cannot be legally knocked-off. It is multi-scientifically clinically proven to be effective for use in many sports and non-sports product applications as either a stand-alone ingredient or added to multi-ingredient blends of supplements in the sports, nutrition and wellness categories.

    GlycoCarn is also manufactured under NNFA GMP conditions and the ingredient itself is certified by Informed Choice and Informed Sport. The ultimate performance enhancing ingredient, GlycoCarn can be found in many quality products.

    You get what you pay for…make sure that the GlycoCarn symbol AND patent numbers are on the label itself of the product you purchase or call 877-246-7468 to verify which products honestly contain GlycoCarn (GPLC).

    Approved Sigma-tau HealthScience GlycoCarn-GPLC based products in the market are:


    MHP NO BOMB® with GlycoCarn® FULL CLINICAL DOSE – NEW!!!! (no Arginine)

    Athletic Edge Nutrition’s® PreSurge UNLEASHED® with GlycoCarn® – NEW!!!! (no Arginine)

    Applied Nutraceutical’s ALPHA X with GlycoCarn®-GPLC (only in Europe)

    Athletic Edge Nutrition’s® PreSurge® with GlycoCarn®

    Champion Nutrition’s GlyPro® XTS Extreme Transport 120gram powder with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Champion Nutrition’s GlyPro® XTS Complete Stack® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Champion Nutrition’s GlyPro® XTS Capsules with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Crucible Combat MMA S2 Strength & Stamina with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Dorian Yates’ NOX Pump Formula® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    EST NUTRITION’s PLASMATIC® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC (no Arginine)

    Jarrow Formulas® GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Katalyst Nutraceuticals VASOCOR® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC in 3 flavors

    Lifexpand®.com Glyc-N-Go® GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    MaxMuscle Nitro-EXT® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    NitroCarn® GPLC 1500 from STS Sports with GlycoCarn®

    NitroCarn® GPLC FUSION from STS Sports with GlycoCarn®

    Nutrex HEMORAGE® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Protein Factory’s Tetra-Pump® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Protein Factory’s Nitric Oxide® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC


    NOW FOODS GlycoCarn®-GPLC + CoQ10 – NEW

    Beyond-a-Century® GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Carotec® GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Doctor’s Best® GlycoCarn®-GPLC/CoQ10

    Ecological Formulas® GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Healthy Directions® Dr. Sinatra’s Broad Spectrum with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Jarrow Formulas® GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Jarrow Formulas CarnitALL® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Life Extension’s GlycoCarn®-GPLC/Peak ATP

    NBTY’s Vitamin World GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Nutraceutical Sciences Institute® GlycoCarn®-GPLC and GlycoCarn®-GPLC + CoQ10

    Optimum Health International’s MD Design’s GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Parason’s REJUVA1200® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Select Source Oralcell Extreme Support® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Solaray® GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Solaray® Heart so Healthy® with GlycoCarn®

    Solgar® GPLC and Carnitine Complex® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Source Naturals® GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Swanson® GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Swanson Full Spectrum® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Swanson Advanced Heart Nutrition Cardioplex with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    True Botanica’s Cardiol Forte® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC


    Jarrow Formulas CarnitALL® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Life Extension® Optimized Carnitine® with GlycoCarn® GPLC

    Primordial Performance Pre-Max® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC


    Applied Delivery Systems POST CYCLE THERAPY® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Rejuvenator with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    Katalyst Nutraceuticals Glutacor® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC


    Life Enhancement’s Propel® with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

    SutraMax® Male Libido with GlycoCarn®-GPLC


    VooDoo® from Reaction Nutrition weight loss with GlycoCarn®-GPLC

  5. Laura says:

    MegLiz rocks it! Can’t wait until I get abs like that!

  6. tommyalston says:

    Keep working out and keep an even balance of nutrition, exercise and supplement with glycocarn products and you’ll be on the right track to ultimate fitness!

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