Come Support JORDAN at FITNESS NEW YORK October 30, 2010 in Brooklyn, NY where you can see competitors from all over strive to place in categories of MASTERS BODYBUILDING, OPEN HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION, MS. BIKINI & FIGURE, and FIGURE FITNESS NOVICE. As Jordan arrives closer and closer to his big day, he has been training hard, gaining plenty of muscle. He will be a strong competitor  in the OPEN HEAVYWEIGHT DIVISION TITLE, and I am confident he will finish on top.

  1. Jordan says:

    I’m commin for that number ONE SPOT!!

  2. tommyalston says:

    Keep up the great work Jordan

  3. Jordan says:

    Thanks COACH!!

  4. Frank says:

    Good luck Jordan

    do you recommend taking this all year round or on and off?

  5. Nancellez says:


  6. Chris says:

    Jordan what do you think is the best effect of taking GlycoCarn?

  7. Jenn says:

    Cant wait to watch you take it all Jordan, your going all the wayyyy

  8. Jordan says:

    I think the best thing is as my competition aproaches and my diet is getting intense, i usually lose size. with glycocarn, i find that i am not only maintaining my size, but even increasing. glycocarn is amazing!

  9. Jordan says:

    I would love to take this year round. I can only imagin what I will look like when I get off pre contest diet. Im very excited!

  10. tommyalston says:

    ONE WEEK AWAY FOR JORDAN – Down to the wire – He’s doing great! GlycoCarn is going to be his competitive edge.

    Hey Jordan – yes regarding talking all year long – it will make you look great and the best part is it helps promote cardiovascular health so you cant go wrong!

  11. Jordan says:

    I think the best effect of taking the GlycoCarn is that it keeps my muscles full and helps me recover inbetween sets so that I can keep pushing harder. It has also helped with my cardiovascular endurance. I wish they came out with this a long time ago!

  12. Mike says:

    Jordan – you are convincing me to try this stuff. It better work!

  13. tommyalston says:

    GlycoCarn Encourages Nitric Oxide Health!

    GlycoCarn, Sigma-tau HealthScience brand of glycine propionyl-L-carnitine hcl, USP (or some call GPLC), is a next generation member of the L-Carnitine family, with a particular focus on offering nitric oxide health benefits to skeletal muscle, cardiac tissue, and the vascular system.
    As you may know, Carnitine in general is known to be involved in fatty acid metabolism, and GlycoCarn is a patented compound that has been shown to result in an increase in blood levels of nitric oxide, as well as delivering potent antioxidant properties. Ongoing research indicates that along with its ability to be a nitric oxide booster, this compound may be associated with improved high intensity exercise performance. The performance effects of GlycoCarn may be a result of both its nitric oxide boosting properties as well as its antioxidant activity, ultimately leading to increased blood flow and enhanced ATP energy production.

    The applications for GlycoCarn continue to be revealed, as funded research with this compound is presently ongoing at universities within the United States.

    I can tell you from personal experience – GlycoCarn works!!

  14. Coryn says:

    I cant wait for the show and to cheer on all of my Savage Girls :o)

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