So here’s the deal: if you don’t want to be hating yourself on January 1, 2011 this year you’re going to have to stick to some ground rules. First is: PLAN OUR YOUR WORKOUTS. We all know we are going to indulge a little, and that’s fine, but if you plan out your workouts to coincide with your cheat days, then you’ll be much better off.
Planning your workouts:
I don’t think the holidays should really alter your body building/ getting into shape plans, but I’m also not an idiot. I know you guys are all going on vacation, having big parties and doing alls sorts of extra stuff this season. So here’s my  big fitness tips for the holidays:

1.)  If you know a particular week is going to be tough for you to get to all your workouts, then cut one gym day out. Here’s the thing: It’s all mental. If you plan on working out 4-5 days, and you miss one, chances are you’re going to start missing more. 1 becomes 2, then 3 then the next thing you know, you’re waking up in January with a beer gut and regret. So change your commitment, and then stick to it. But don’t change it for more than a week or two. If you say your going to show up at the gym for 2-3 days instead of 4-5, then do it.

2.) When you get there, give it all you’ve got. Make your workout work for you. Don’t hold back! This is your time, make it count.

3.) Read my post about Motivation, Education and Support. Do some of the action steps. They’ll help!

4.) Get your people involved. Is your family overweight? What about your spouse? The more people you have on your side in your goals, the better.  Offer to bring something to Christmas/Seder. Yeah, I know you are all used to having Mom and Grandma doing all the work but man up and be the example! Get your wife to go on morning walks with you- I don’t care about how cold it is, get out there!

5.) Stick with your supports: Especially glycocarn.



Here’s some action steps you can take to keep your workout & body building routine on track.

1.) Write down your 3 major fitness goals and keep them in your wallet. When you don’t want to hit the gym, when you’re reaching for a slice of cake, when you’re just feeling unmotivated, pull out your list. It make look something like this:

a.) Have hard rock abs by March
B.) Lower my cholesterol with my nutrition choices
c.) Bench 300 by 2011

2.) Put a picture of yourself on the fridge at your worst fitness time, and your best fitness time. Look at them when you’re reaching for food at midnight. And you shouldn’t be reaching for ice cream, because you shouldn’t have that crap in the house.

3.) Have someone you report to: Whether that’s your trainer, your best friend or your spouse. Let them be your cheerleader. Declaring when you’ll be at the gym will help you stand by your word. Don’t get me wrong, you have to know how to keep promises to yourself, but if you’re having trouble get someone else to have your back. It helps during the holidays.

And check this blog out on motivation for more tips:


1.) Read, read, read!  Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Runners World, Muscle and Fitness, whatever. Stay abreast of what’s up and what’s going on in your field of interest. Blogs are great sources of information when you’re short on time.
2.) Get a check-up, make sure your body is in the best shape it can be. Lots of people skip this, but it’s important to know. Better to go before you get sick, this way you can be preventative!
3.) Get a consultation with a trainer, at least (some gyms offer this for free for new members). If you can actually hire a personal trainer, that’s great. But it’s important to have guidelines on what you should be doing in the gym—different people have different trouble areas that need to get targeted.
4.) Make sure your doing what’s right for your nutritional needs.  There’s a general idea out there about what’s good for body builders (high protein, low fat, no sugar) but really, everyone is different.  For example, women might need to take supplements that men don’t necessarily need, etc.

And check out this blog for the best way to find a trainer:

1.) If you have trouble being motivated on your own, get your friends and family on board. Make sure your spouse/partner knows not to buy Oreos and eat them in front of you. Get your kids to play basketball with you instead of watch T.V. Modify your family’s eating habits. Like I said in my holiday post, man up and be the example!
2.) Join a team. If you’re a body builder, work out with people in your community. If you prefer to fly solo (a lot of us do), keep a log of your progress (i.e., today I benched 5 lbs more than usual, etc.)
If you aren’t a body builder, join a team to keep in shape- volleyball in winter, baseball in summer, whatever, just get out there.
3.) Get the right supplement for your needs. And of course, I suggest one with Glycocarn in it. Like I’ve said, Glycocarn really does amp up my energy, pump and overall fitness level.


Did you know the average American gains 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years? That’s 10 pounds easily gained and not easily lost, people! Do you really want to throw out all the hard work and progress you’ve made all spring, summer and fall on some sugary, fatty, artery clogging foods that gunk up your system? I don’t think so! Your body is worth more than that and so is your discipline and hard work.
So here is my prescription for staying lean this holiday season, and no, it doesn’t involve deprivation. Everyone deserves to enjoy holiday favorites, but there’s no reason to go overboard. Americans tend to run themselves ragged and then pig out…it’s not necessary! It’s all about moderation.
Here’s a list if things you DON’T need to indulge in during this season:

1.) The box of store bought cookies, donuts, breads, candy or whatever else that’s lying around the office. It’s not even that good, so don’t waste your time or calories.
2.) The girl scout cookies, school fundraiser candy or whatever else you co-workers are pitching to have you buy so that their kid’s class can go on a trip. Don’t eat that crap, and don’t be stingy either! Give a donation and leave the candy to your less disciplined, sugar addicted friends.
3.) Party snacks that carry only empty calories— cocktail events, office parties, happy hour…are those fat-laden hors d’oeuvres really worth your 6 pack? I’ll answer for you: no, they aren’t.
4.) While we’re on the subject of cocktails, don’t use the season to become a lush! One drink at an event is fine, max twice a week. Alcohol is a great way to get that sexy beer gut back. I’m sure your wife/gf/ body building trainer will love that.
4.) Seconds of thirds of holiday meals, especially if they aren’t that delicious. You’re just being gluttonous, dude. Cut it out.
5.)  Leftovers…like 5 days after the fact. Enjoying a holiday is great, and maybe even the next day is ok, but after that you’re just setting yourself up for disaster.
6.) And keep alert of all that food-media you’re taking it. You know, the advertisements that are shoved down our throats all the time, even more so during the holiday season? They’re bad for you. They make you subconsciously crave food that will ruin you. Don’t fall for it. If you find yourself in front of the tube or your laptop and then all of sudden you’re reaching for a candy bar, WAKE UP. Drop the candy bar (or soda, or chips) and then go flex in the mirror. Depending upon what you see, ask yourself: “Do I really want to mess up these guns?” OR “Do I really wanna add to the unattractive flab that’s hanging out all over my (insert here: midsection, ass, pecs, flanks, legs)”? Guess what? YOU DON’T. Drop the candy bar and have a protein shake, a glass of water or nothing at all. You’ll thank yourself.

Here’s a list of things that you CAN if you CHOOSE to indulge in during the season:

1.) The holiday meal the day of, with only seconds of what you really like. That’s it. No more, no less. Go ahead, eat your favorite “mom’s homemade stuffing.” That’s ok. And then have some more. And then make sure YOU WORK IT OFF THAT WEEK, preferably the day afterwards.
2.) Once in a while (like twice a month), if a co-worker brings in something homemade and absolutely scrumptious, you can try it. Or half of it. If it’s a huge cookie, eat half.  Store bought crap doesn’t count. It’s all about balance.

Stay tuned for part two of The Holiday Grind, and check out this article from Men’s Fitness!

Psych yourself up for the gym

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Hey guys I just saw this article on psyching yourself up at the gym over here at Men’s Fitness.
We’ve talked a lot about motivation, and I believe it’s one of the most important tools one can have on the road to wellness. In fact, there are 3 really important things you need to be on track for reaching your goals: Motivation, Education and Support.
Motivation is the drive to get up in the morning, to get your ass to the gym before work or after or during your lunch, to just DO WHAT IT TAKES to get your butt in shape. It includes your attitude, your willingness to show up for yourself and your ability to confront your own worst enemy: yourself. Motivation and commitment to your own health are key.
Education is knowing what works for you: from what to eat to how to work out properly. You can source your education from a trainer, books or your physician (or all three). Education is also being willing to try new things, take suggestions from experts and know when something isn’t working for you.
The third, Support, is really important. Support can come in the form of encouragement from your loved ones, being on a team, and choosing the right supplement. I have two big supports: the first one is (believe it or not) my clients. My clients come in and work their butts off, and what kind of a trainer would I be if I didn’t practice what I preach? Being a role for my clients really helps me stay on track. The other big support I have is Glycocarn. The results I’ve gotten from Glycocarn are amazing, and it really supports all the hard work I’m already doing.
So, here are some tips from Men’s Fitness on how to stay psyched for the gym. Enjoy!

Gym Etiquette will gain you respect and keep you focused for a better workout.


Wipe it down

Wipe down your equipment after you use it… no one wants to sit in your pool of sweat! Bring a towel, bro.

Don’t be that guy with the phone.

Leave your cell in the car… unless you want everyone to know that you call your girlfriend “Snuggles”.

Don’t be a machine hog.

It’s kind of like merging: If everyone did it right, traffic would probably be non-existent. Be aware of those around you and make sure they haven’t been waiting for more than 25 minutes. Everyone in the gym, yourself included, should offer to switch it up between reps— that way everyone’s time is saved.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Snuggles might tell you she loves your stench (she’s being nice), but the guys gulping down air on the treadmill definitely don’t.

Return your weights.

I know you’re all jacked because you’re taking GlycoCarn or training for a show…but that 60 year old grandpa keepin’ it real: he definitely can’t lift those dumbbells. Don’t make him have to ask for assistance; return your weights when you’re done.

Don’t hurt yourself showing off.

Is it really worth injuring yourself just to impress the gym goers? Trust me, the people who matter aren’t there. Like judges. Or Snuggles.

Be Focused.

Those girls you’re trying to subtlety check out in the mirror know what you’re doing, and they probably don’t like it, even if you’re jacked. Focus on your weights to prevent injury.

Excuses, Excuses.

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What’s an athlete’s worst enemy? Carbs? Nope. Lethargy? No. Sugar? Not really. An athlete’s (or really, anyone who wants to excel in life) worst enemy is EXCUSES. That means, on some level, that you can be your own worst enemy. Which is great news, because it also means you can be-yup, you guessed it- your own best friend. Anyone that has done anything extraordinary in this life can tell you that the first step is to show up. Excuses prevent you from showing up.  So, next time you start telling yourself excuses, read this article from men’s


Hey everyone today I’m going to talk about Abs. The abdominals are incredibly important for maintaining core strength, back strength and leg strength. If every part of your body is strong but your abs are weak, it’s like building a house with the roof on the basement. The abs are the foundation, the place where everything ties together. Here is a great ab workout move from Men’s Fitness, check it out: